Telegram is Offering More Than 1.5GB File Transfer Limit: WhatsApp Slammed

Telegram vs Whatsapp: Telegram wins

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Whatsapp Messenger recently tweeted about its new feature of sharing 100MB of files to it. Gmail is in trend from many years, every professional man needs to send mail but one of the worst things about Gmail that it can only attach files up to 2MB. Where Google offered unlimited storage, Gmail can attach only 2MB files. A few years ago, you can transfer up to 16MB of files. It seems pretty that Whatsapp now provides you with an extended limit of 100MB whereas Gmail sticks to 2MB.

WhatsApp Messenger is a free platform for chatting, Voice and Video calling. This service is owned by Facebook. This app allows you to send messages, recordings, attachments, voice callings, and video callings. Whatsapp officially tweeted about this extended limit-

How to Install and Use Whatsapp:

  • Install the WhatsApp messenger app from Playstore.
  • Register yourself by adding your mobile number.
  • It will send you an OTP.
  • Enter this OTP and then you can use WhatsApp.
  • Add a profile photo and username.
  • Send messages and attachments to your contacts.

Telegram Messenger:

Technology, Whatsapp Messenger, Whatsapp, telegram Messenger, Whatsapp Update, Gmail
Image source: BT.Com

Telegram is also an open-source and free app for chatting and sending attachments. you can send messages, calls, and share files. Telegram Messenger also tweeted about its new features of scheduled messages, Remainders, Custom Cloud Themes, and More privacy.

As a rival of Whatsapp Messenger, Telegram offers a transfer of files up to 1.2GB. where 16MB is quite good before but it is a big improvement in Whatsapp that it exceeding to 100MB. Nowadays, mobiles are recording 4K videos with 64MP cameras so 100MB is not enough for sharing files. to attracts users, Telegram is now offering a limit of 1.2GB of the file transfer.


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