Teddy Balkind Video Injury Videos, Tragedy Highlights And All Details Till now, no one couldn’t forget the sudden demise of St. Luke’s hockey player, Jeff Jacobs. Since the news of his passing went viral on social media, many people started to pay tribute to Jeff and expressed their condolence. The Greenwich police also clarified the circumstances of Teddy Balkind’s injury. Police revealed that he was upright and was running on his skates when the leg of another player was in the air and the skate hit the neck of Jeff Jacob.

Teddy Balkind Video Injury Videos, Tragedy Highlights And All Details

Teddy Balkind Video

One of the Hartford Whalers said after pointing out to the ice after practice several years ago, he said, “Listen”. The NHL player said,” Now think about most of us out there, Clump, clump, clump. Incredible”. Well, it is difficult and almost unimaginable to think that a skate blade instrumental in such grace is capable of causing someone physical harm and even death. It was the worst nightmare of every parent that happened Thursday at Hartong Rink in Greenwich.

Most of the results are believing that it was an accident. After the three weeks of Teddy Balkind’s death, there is nothing to say that can calm the pain of the Balkind family. They lost their beloved in this tragic incident. There is nothing that can bring back the love of the Balkind family. The game he loved a lot became a reason for his death. It was a hockey incident.


It is also important to understand what happened on January 6 during the junior varsity game between St. Luke’s and Brunswick at Hartong Rink in Greenwich. The passing of a 16-years-old hockey player, Jeff Jacob broke the hearts of his friends and family. He was the beloved one. People of his community are mourning the local player’s loss.

Later, Patrice Bergeron hangs Teddy Balkind’s jersey behind the Bruins bench. Many people took the support of Twitter to express their sorrow over the sudden passing of Jeff Jacob. Many teams of the communities held a silence in remembrance of Jeff Jacob before their game begins.

A Twitter page of Doug Tayek tweeted,” Before our game with @paduafranciscan the boys from both teams met at center ice with 3:33 to go in warmups and took a knee in a moment of silence to honor the life of #teddybalkind who died tragically while playing a game in CT”. Jeff Jacob will be always remembered by his family and friends. #RIP Jeff Jacob


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