Tik Tok platform is one of the most popular trends and bizarre video platforms in the world. Millions of users are currently running their accounts and making lots of trending videos on the platform and sharing them with their fans. On the daily basis, we can see many trends are going on on this platform where many other people create their own videos on the Tik Tok apps.

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Recently, one more video is capturing the attention of millions of Tik Tok users and creating lots of confusion among them. A video is shared by a Tik Tok user Taylor Paul of her own “Haunted House” and the video is recently creating lots of confusion among all her followers.

Just a few days ago, Taylor told through a video that she had recently changed her house and moved to a new one. In the video, she can be seen dancing in her living room and the kitchen lamps moving has become a question over the Internet. So, it could be possible that Taylor’s house is really haunted? Now, let’s cover the discussion for a little time and talk about Taylor Paul who is a popular content creator on social media platforms.

Who Is Taylor Paul?

As per the social media platforms, Taylor Paul is a mother of two child and handling her own Tik Tok account named @taylorfrankiepaul. She has been using her Tik Tok account to share some videos with fans around satire, over-parenting, and dancing.

Taylor created her Tik Tok account in 2013 and since then, she has gained almost 1.7 million followers and has 41 million combined views on her videos. Along with this, she is quite popular on Instagram, and recently, she has a family of more than 98K followers. Her Instagram account has featured lots of family photos and videos including fitness, pregnancy, and hair videos.

She married Tate Paul and the couple has been blessed with two beautiful babies.

Video Explored “Haunted House”

As per the sources, Taylor posted a video on August 8, 2021, and the video is showing that Taylor is cleaning the upstairs hallway with a vacuum cleaner. The video shows that the door of the refrigerator randomly swings open when she was cleaning upstairs. While, at the same time, the kitchen’s lamps start moving.

After that, the video went viral among her fans and followers and the comment section was filled with lots of comments. She posted her video on Tik Tok and wrote,” my house” and “Everyone is ur house haunted?” Soon, the video went viral and gathered over 10 million views.


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