Here is shocking news coming into our knowledge which will shock you also. As per the CCTV footage near Liverpool Women’s hospital shows a bomb explosion in a car. The bomb has been placed in the car. Till now there is no causality recorded after the incident. Let’s take a brief look over the topic and get all the brief details related to this topic. So let begin the article to know each and every key factor.

bomb exploding in taxi outside Liverpool

The incident made everyone fear and most people are taking this a big plan by terrorists. The bomb was exploded in a taxi on Sunday. A male passenger inside the vehicle was killed in the blast and declared dead at the scene, Merseyside police confirmed. In this explosion nobody was harm and there is no such details have been shared by the police.

Taxi Bomb Explosion Video

Later after the moment, there was info reportedly found that a Police officer Devid Perry from Kirkdale, Survived the blast and after the treatment returned home from the hospital. Besides him there was no one was harmed by this blast. If there is any update comes regarding the case then we will tell you immediately.

There are some live updates related to this taxi bomb blast in Liverpool. You can read more information here. As per the latest update in this case we found that Counter-terror police have named the man they believe to have died in the blast as Emad al Swealmeen. He was 32.

“We continue to appeal for any information about this incident and now that we have released his name any information that the public may have about Al Swealmeen no matter how small may be of great assistance to us.’’

The further report about the investigation is not yet disclosed because of security reasons. But definitely, the police have started the investigation of the incident and very soon the situation will be under control.

We are continuously looking for the news related to a terrible incident where people of nearby places are in fear and they are looking for security after this tragic bomb blast in an unknown taxi. The suspected taxi has been taken by the Police for investigation.


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