Target Hanes Mall Shooting Video: On 28th June, Hanes Mall Boulevard was targeted by the shooter. People are more curious to know more about the incident because the incident took place just after seven weeks when the previous shoot had happened inside the same store on Hanes Mall Boulevard which is the franchise shop of Target. Follow More Updates On

Target Hanes Mall Shooting Video

Target Hanes Mall Shooting Video

Police were informed about the shooting at the Hanes Mall Boulevard near around 08:30 p.m. The caller had told the police, that somebody did firing at the Hanes Mall Boulevard, and lots of blood could be seen. When the police reached the spot they found a man, who got badly injured during the shooting. The man was handed over to the medical care staff to find out what was the real reason for the man to be injured. The Police have not disclosed the identity of the person.

The Police officials of Winston-Salem have shared to the media that the investigation of the shooting inside the Hanes Mall Boulevard is in circulation. According to the police, when the police were searching for the shooter some of the customers and all the employees were inside the Hanes Mall Boulevard.

One of the customers, who visited Hanes Mall Boulevard on the day of the shooting inside the Hanes Mall Boulevard, when all the customers were asked to leave the mall in safety, the customers started to move outside, but soon they heard a very loud noise of the gun shooting inside the store. Later, the police were informed about the shoot by some men.

According to the sources, the police have not found the culprit or suspects, they are investing the matter with high intelligence. The police force is ordered to be in the area of the Hanes Mall Boulevard, where the shooting took place.

The last gunshot at the Hanes Mall Boulevard happened just after the seven weeks when the Hanes Mall Boulevard faced a gunshot during its working hour. On 10th May 2022, all of a sudden everyone inside the Hanes Mall Boulevard started to exit when they saw the gunfire between two men. The gunfire took place between two males who were arguing with each other, and suddenly one of them took out the gun to fire and fired the gun at a random man. The random man got a gunshot wound in his arm, and after the gunshot, the man ran towards the nearest Golden Corral restaurant.

When the police investigated the entire matter they got to know that the man who got hurt by the gunshot was part of the argument, and the man was transferred to the nearest hospital for treatment.


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