Tanzim Hasan has apologized to BCB. This is the trending and biggest news in the world of cricket right now. As we all know recently Asia Cup 2023 has been covered and now next month the World Cup 2023 is going to start. Because of that cricket personalities are in talks right now. Every single step of any cricketer is in the limelight at this time. Same as well the well-known cricketer Tanzim Hasan is in the spotlight of people. He is one of the most trending personalities in the world of cricket currently. He is in the spotlight because recently he has apologized to BCB. To know why read this entire article till the end.

Tanzim Hasan Sakib
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Tanzim Hasan is a well-known Bangladesh cricketer. Recently, he has made an apology to the BCB. He has made an apology for several offensive posts on Facebook. His offensive post was from past not recent but somehow these old pictures became viral right now and it surfaced after his international debut at the Asia Cup 2023. Because of his offensive, he was receiving a lot of hate and criticism from the public. His offensive posts were from the year 2014/ Because of that the BBC cricket operation chair Jalal Yunus has said that Tanzim was repentant about his posts and is now going to take all the responsibilities.

There are a total of four offensive posts on his Facebook page which are viral right now and it is a part of the discussion. Now the posts have been deleted from his Facebook account. These posts went viral sometime after some time of Tanzim’s ODI debut against India on 15th September 2023 after he took wickets. Tanzim is currently a 20-year-old man. In 2022, he wrote on his Facebook page that a working woman can not allow her children or husband to have their way with her and she loses her charm and destroys her family and her society. People became very angry with him after reading this post. Continue reading to know more.

In one post of Tanzim Hasan which was purported to be from 1954 of a burqa-clad woman who was traveling in a rickshaw with her family, he called it the golden past. In another post, he wrote that if you marry a woman who talks freely in the university you can get a child with a reserved mother. Then in a very old post from the year 2014, he shared a post of not celebrating Bangladesh’s victory day. Because of these posts, he has officially apologized to BCB.


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