Interesting news with the amazing video is capturing the attention over social media. Hence, we don’t need to say that why this video is surfing on the Internet. We know very well that such kind of video suffers because there is something surprising in the video and therefore, the viewers are sharing this with the watchers.

demi and tana kissing video

This is a viral video of Tik Tok shared by Tana in just a few seconds and within a moment, it captured the attention of many netizens and since then, it is surfing and viewed by millions of fans.

Tik Tok Video Explored By Tana Mongeau

As per the social media sources, the video was posted on Tana’s Tik Tok account that featured Demi and the video was posted on August 7. The pair were attending the party of Paris Hilton and the video was recorded at the party as well.

The video can be seen on the Internet that shows Deni took a kiss on Tana’s cheeks but after 2-3 seconds, the video becomes a viral video where they play with their tongues. Later, a Youtuber posted this video over the internet and tagged American singer and personality, and wrote,” How can we off-camera 24/7″.

Since then, the video was posted on the Internet and it did not take too much to see the reaction of the fans as thousands of comments can be over the post. The reactions of the fans were worth watching as some compliments were against personalities. One of a user wrote,” I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO JEALOUS OF TANA AS I AM RN”.

Who Attended The Party?

As we know that Cooking With Paris is a new show about Paris and due to the positive response from viewers, Paris organized a party for the successful release of his new show. Along with the famous personalities like Tana and Demi, many more faces can be seen at the party like Paris Jackson, Kat Graham, Paula Abdul, and Nikita Dragun were present at the party.

Also, Paris shared some pictures on her Instagram page from the event. Around 20 plus is available on her Instagram pages which is also sharing the pictures of celebrities.

Due to the video, the reactions of the fans were unbelievable even, some people are giving their negative responses on this viral video. Tana Mongeau is an Internet personality on Youtube and shares her content videos. On the other side, Demi Lovato is an American singer, actor, and songwriter. Being famous personalities, Tana and Demi, both are good friends as well.


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