As all of us know that the number of cases rising rapidly across the nation. Recently, a piece of heartbreaking news hitting the internet that Tamil Director Arunraja Kamaraj and his wife Sindhuja tested positive for the Chinese virus. The couple was admitted to a private hospital in Chennai but Arunraja responding well after the treatment. On the other hand, his wife Sindhuja was not able to survive the virus and leaves her breath on Sunday, 16th May 2021. After knowing about her sudden demise, the entire Tamil industry shocked and mourning his demise. Many reputed and famous personalities tweet about her because she was a very well-recognized personality.

Tamil Director Arunraja Kamaraj Wife Sindhuja

The main reason behind her death is COVID-19 that makes her much weak to fight against the virus. She was admitted to the hospital and her husband Arunraja but she was not capable of overcoming the disease. On the other hand, Arunraja shows improvements and able to cover up the disease. The couple is admitted to the hospital together but Arunraja lost the very precious thing of his life. She was very well famous for her outstanding work but she not able to live with her family and friends more. she breathed last on Sunday at the hospital in Chennai.

All the reputed and prominent Tamil personalities are shocked after hearing this saddest truth. Sindhuja was a very well-known personality of the Tamil Industry and work on many big projects. Many famous personalities tweet for her in which Kayal Devaraj also included. He tweets with the caption “Director #ArunrajaKamaraj’s WIFE Passed Away Due To #COVID19”. In his tweet, we can see the couple standing with each other and looking very beautiful together. Apart from this, Kayal also shared the health report of Arunraja to give perfect information to all the fans who searching for him.

While sharing the health report of Arunraja, Kayal shared the same picture with a caption of “Lyricist and Actor and Director and Singer #ArunRajaKamaraj who is getting treated for #Covid in a private hospital in Chennai. He is responding well to the treatment. He is stable. He may be discharged soon”. Apart from Kayal, many brilliant and famous personalities give very soulful tribute to the personality. Her family and close friends are very upset and mourning over her demise. Everyone remembered her because she was actually a very good personality who will always alive in her fan’s hearts.


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