The Indian actress Nivetha Pethuraj is on-trend after revealing that she found a Cockroach in food which she ordered from Moonlight takeaway. Nivetha Pethuraj Shared this incident with her followers via an Instagram story on June 24. The restaurant is in Chennai. She tagged Swiggy because the company is a partner as a delivery firm. It was not the first time when Online food delivery firm Swiggy is under questioning. But this time the matter is going viral on the internet.

Nivetha Pethuraj Finds Cockroach in Food

On her Instagram post, she wrote “I have no idea what standards Swiggy India and the restaurants nowadays are maintaining. I found cockroach twice lately in my food (sic),” Nivetha added, “It’s very vital to inspect these restaurants on a regular basis and fine them heavily if not upto standards (sic).” Here is the post so you can see the original post wrote by her.

After the incident, Nivetha Pethuraj has received the mail and reply from Swiggy India. They show attention to her concern and took immediate possible action against this matter. Even the company has promised to take further steps for future that the food will be clean and safe. The company shared a tweet and appreciate actress Nivetha Pethuraj for sharing this concern and showing trust in the company.

It is seriously a big concern nowadays and it is absolutely correct that no one can inspect these types of restaurants on a daily basis. The food delivery partners have to make strict penalties for this type of ignorance by restaurant owners. If there is no strict action against these mistakes then possibly it may continue like this. The action is mandatory because it’s all about the health of customers and directly related to the life of a person who consumes the food.

As per the prediction, FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) will taking the action on restaurant and cancel the license of this restaurant very soon. The major steps can be taken because the mistake is not small and it is related to health concerns. For further news you can follow us on Google news or bookmark the link directly from here. You will get the latest news every moment.


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