Was Tabasto Mashishi Arrested on Theft Charges? Explained: People are searching this news to know whether Tabasto Mashishi is arrested or not as her ex-girlfriend made allegations about him for taking her things from her room. Though some pictures of his arrest have come out on the internet people are not sure whether the images are fake or real. Fans are not believing in this news, but if you come to our website in search of the same, you might have come to the right place. So, let’s find more detailed information on this news to clear your all doubts. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Tabasto Mashishi Arrested

Who was Tabasto Mashishi Ex-Girlfriend?

Nanamhla Salasile was the ex-girlfriend of the popular singer Tabasto. She is a well-known personality as she was featured in ETV’s Durban Gen. She is a popular South African actress and is also known for his character in Durben Zen. This show is related to the nurses & doctors at Durban General Hospital. She came into the eye after she performed in that show and got famous. But, nowadays she had made a complaint against his ex-boyfriend for theft. After which, if the allegations made by her got wrong, so she has to suffer a lot in this case.

Was Tabasto Mashishi Arrested?

If you don’t know the whole incident don’t worry we are here to tell you every detail related to this news. As she filed a complaint against him that he came to her apartment in his clothes as they both lived together earlier. She was rushing to go to the gym and she gave the keys to him and when she came back to her house she didn’t find her laptop and phone in the room after which she called him and he blocked him after declining his calls. This made her angry and she filed a complaint at the police station against him.

Who Is Tabasto Mashishi?

After that officers said they will arrest him and take him to the court if he did this. People now want to know whether he got arrested or not. But as per reports, we didn’t get any information. People have seen some pictures which show that both of them got arrested but this doesn’t seem true as no other statement was given by the police officers. This news is getting viral and many people are in support of the actor as they believed that he can’t do this because she is making fake allegations about him. Stay connected for more latest updates & information.


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