One of the most popular basketball leagues, Polish League has been entertaining many fans across the world and everyone is loving this league and they are also supporting the league and the teams. Many teams have been participating in this league for more than decades and it always stays amazing to watch every single match of the league.


Today, we are going to discuss the match that will be played between the team Szczecin (SZC) and team Basket Zielona Gora (BZG). Along with this, many more matches will take place today but at another location and another time. Which match you want to watch, it will be your decision but this match is going to reach another level.

SZC vs BZG Live Score

There are few hours left to watch the exciting match and everyone is curious to watch this wonderful and fantastic battle. Many fans are also excited to know the result before watching the match starts. Now, many fans are excited to watch this match as it is going to be more interesting like every day.

In this article, we will talk about the match details such as time, venue, league, date, and many more things but the most important things of the match is who has more chances to win this match so, we will also provide you the prediction of the match as well.

SZC vs BZG: Match Details

  • Team Names:- Szczecin (SZC) vs Basket Zielona Gora (BZG)
  • League:- Polish Basketball League
  • Venue:- Azoty Arena, Szczecin
  • Date:- Thursday, September 23, 2021
  • Time:- 09:00 PM IST

SZC vs BZG: Team Squad

Szczecin (SZC):- Stacy Davis, Michael Dixon, Sherron Dorsey Walker, Filip Matczak, Kikowski Pawel, Kacper Borowski, Michal Kroczak, Mateusz Bartosz, Maciej Lampe, Doko Salic, and Ido Flaisher.

Basket Zielona Gora (BZG):- Jaroslaw Zyskowski, Andrzej Mazurczak, Kacper Traczyk, David Brembly, Krzysztof, Sulima, Dragon Apic, Nikodem Klocek, Branden Frazier, Konrad Szymanski, Nemanja Nenadic, Tony Meier, Przemyslaw Zolnierewicz, and Devoe Joseph.

SZC vs BZG: Probable Lineups Player

Szczecin (SZC):- K. Dorsey-Walker, D. Salic, J. Schenk, F. Matczak, and K. Borowski.

Basket Zielona Gora (BZG):- D. Brembly, D. Joseph, B. Frazier, D. A pic, and J. Zyskowski.

SZC vs BZG: Match Prediction

The match is going to be started in just a few hours and everyone is excited about the match as they just want to know the result of this match before the match starts. So, let’s find out who has more chances to win this match. Team SZC has played a total of 2 matches where they won 2 times and lost a single time. They are currently holding the position at 7th place.

On the other side, team BZG is standing in the first position where they played 5 matches and won 3 matches. It was interesting to watch all these matches and now, the analysis says that team BZG has more chances to win this match against a rival team.


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