Swim Coach Dick Caine Arrested: Why was Swimming Coach Arrested? Charges Explained: Dick Caine’s past is ruining his Olympic coach career and pulling him to the courtroom. Dick Caine is best known for being a coach of swimming at the Olympics but nowadays he is facing serious allegations due to which he was also apprehended by the NSW police. But the former Olympic swimming coach has been granted bail by the court as he is suffering from a disease and taking treatment is necessary for him to continue his life. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Swim Coach Dick Caine Arrested

Swim Coach Dick Caine Arrested

Meanwhile, Dick Caine’s former student alleged him and pulled him to the courtroom for allegedly sexually harassing her and abusing her. However, the former swimming coach is out of jail and the court has allowed him to receive treatment but he has to present next month in the court for the hearing. Now many questions are being asked by Dick Caine’s followers and people who know him. In the below-placed section, we will tell you what are the charges against Dick Caine and what he is struggling with nowadays? So scroll down the page.

Dick Caine is 76 years old and he was apprehended today at his home located in Condell Park in Sydney’s South-West. This is a matter of 7 AM when police officers took him to the Bankstown Police Station over his sexual allegations and it is now being reported that the former swimming coach Dick Caine has been charged with 9 counts of felony charges. But he was freed from jail after his bail application was approved by the court as he is suffering from throat cancer and terminal lung. As per the source, Dick Caine has only a few months left to left. Doctors have claimed that Dick Caine will not live long now, he can survive only for six months from now.

Swimming Coach Dick Caine Arrested

He has been granted bail and is receiving treatment for his disease. Meanwhile, he will be summoned to present before the judge next month again. As per the source, the charges were levied on him by two teenage students in Sydney’s south, at Carss Park’s swim school. The allegations against him are from a past event that took place back in the mid-1970s when he used to teach swimming.

Chris Nicholson who is acting Superintendent of NSW Police stated that the victims were aged 17 and 16 at the time of the alleged crime. He also added that the alleged offenses took place at numerous locations around Southern Sydney.


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