Suzuki is all set to launch its new bike Hayabusa by the end of May and the expected price will be 14.5 lakh (ex-showroom). Suzuki has confirmed that it should be more reliable and even more aggressive than the previous model. The headlights of Hayabusa resemble a lot from the previous model but now they have the LED unit in the front and turn lights are also LED. They have chrome in the side fair wings with a fork. The engine has been changed to the cam lobes which fitted a different crankshaft, the piston rods, and piston pins which makes the Hayabusa a turbo. Suzuki made it safer for them to put a turbo on it so the engine can be more reliable.

suzuki hayabusa 2021 price in india

Hayabusa was the first to launch in 1999 and this is a bike that everyone wanted to go to at speeds of over 300kilometers an hour. After a year they limited the engine to only 300kilometers. The dash is probably one of the last bikes to have nano check and also fitted with the TFT in between them so riders can change the riding mode and the traction control. The Hayabusa body is humongous which will be liked by the riders. This bike can make it a daily commuter as long as you are able to ride a sport-touring machine like this one.

The new Hayabusa can be used daily at your work and afterward if you get to hit the 300 kilometers an hour when you are on the highway. The frame of the new Hayabusa is quite similar to previously launched bikes. The suspension is from Kayaba and it should be comfortable to make it as a touring bike as a sport-touring bike. The power of the traction control and the engine brake can lift the quick shifter which is fitted on it. There is the user’s mode that can be adjustable and customized by the rider.

This is easy and predictable to work with the menu as the previous bikes of Suzuki jsxr 1000 had the big rom which looks the same in the brand new Hayabusa. There is a cruise control button sp you can go on the highway and put it at 280 and set the cruise control. The Suzuki Hayabusa is powered by the 1340cc in-line cylinder motor. The new Hayabusa makes 10bhp and 150Nm of torque. The exact price of Busa will be revealed on the launch day. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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