What Happened To Susan Mutami? Mnangagwa Sexually Abused Her: We see that the cases of sexual harassment are increasing day by day. These cases are getting very normal and common on the web. Now again a piece of news is hitting the search engine, that Mutami made the allegations on Friday while telling a Twitter space that was attended by more than 12 000 people. This name is getting viral on the web and getting viral in a speedy manner and people are raising questions regarding the news. People are hitting the search engine to gain all the information about the news, that netizens are trying to know about the news. Let’s continue the article. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Susan Mutami Mnangagwa

What Happend To Susan Mutami?

According to the report, she claims Mangagawa was only a Cabinet Minister at the time and forced her to suck his maturity while they were inside a green jeep vehicle that looked like a military issue. She even tried to explain how the president has light skin from the area of his knees up to the lap area, I take it seeing this because his trousers were down. Attempts to report the abuse to Mnangagwa’s Auxilla were conceited as she says the now, First Lady summons her of being a prostitute. Scroll down the page to know more information about the news.

Susan Mutami Mnangagwa Sexually Abused 

According to the report, Mutami went moreover to frenzied alleging that she was in a relationship with the late Foreign Affairs minister Sibusiso Moyo and that Mnangagwa clashed several times with Moyo over her. She made the allegation she has a kid with Moyo who in November 2017 showed up on State TV, the ZBC, to declare the military coup that tumbles that Mnangagwa clashed several times with Moyo over her. Several things remain to tell you about the news, which we will tell you in the next section of the article.

Who Is Susan Mutami?

She claimed that during the years before the overthrow, Mnangagwa through his private assistant of more than 30 years, Manga Muganhiri, desired to disclose the relationship to Moyo’s wife justice Loice Matanda-Moyo, the recent chair of the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission. Explanation of the allegations by Mutami, Zanu PF director of details Tafadzwa Mugwadi blamed opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) leader Nelson Chamisa for financing the disclose. We have shared all the details in this article, which we have fetched from other sources. If we get any further details we will tell you first at the same site. Stay tuned for more updates.

Susan Mutami Mnangagwa Susan Mutami Mnangagwa


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