Sursuri-Li ULLU Web Series: Watch All Episodes Online, Cast Real Name, & Storyline: Sursuri-Li has not even been released yet, but the advertisement of the serial has put all the fans of the cast in chaotic condition. The Sursuri-Li series is going to be released through the Ullu application in a very short period of time. The Ullu application has released the advertisement for the Sursuri-Li series. Follow More Updates On


Sursuri-Li ULLU Web Series

After looking at the trailer, it can be confirmed, that the series of Sursuri-Li will be worth watching for the viewers. Sursuri-Li will be the category of drama, romance, and comedy. The web series Sursuri-Li will be released on the application on 1st July 2022. This is going to be the first season of the serial Sursuri-Li, and the first season of the first series is going to release two episodes of 25 minutes.

Sursuri-Li: Cast Real Name

Sursuri-Li will be featuring Nidhi Mahavan as the leading actress. All the episodes of the web series Sursuri-Li will be available on the Ullu application. Sursuri-Li is going to be a funny and alluring series, that will be keeping its viewers stuck to it until the show ends, but this can only be confirmed once the series will be released on the application. The series of Sursuri-Li will be giving lots of entertainment to the viewers, which will make you watch the show more and more.

Sursuri-Li: Storyline & All Episodes 

As it is seen in the trailer of Sursuri-Li, that one man is seen to be dreaming of his honeymoon with a very beautiful girl, and for this, the man goes to his father and asks him to find a girl for him. His father starts looking for a family who will give a great amount of dowry. Whereas a friend of the man tells him that he is in a relationship with a married woman who lives in his neighborhood, and while the friend the man tells him about his relationship with the woman, there comes the main part of the story.

The man insanely falls for the beauty of Surili, as she enters the town, on the other hand. The man has seen the photos of Surili by a wedding agent and asks him to meet her, the advertisement also shows glimpses of the life of Surili, whose parents are tensed for worried about her marriage. Surili is not much liked by all her friends for her impolite behavior. All the conditions are against each, it can only be revealed after watching the story, and here if you want to know more about the further story of the series Sursuri-Li once it is released on the Ullu app.


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