Debunked: Is Supreme Court credit cards Info leaked? TikTok Rumour Hoax: On 28th June 2022, the Supreme Court of the United States held oral hearings on the credit report case. This case was registered when the doubts about the uses of TransUnion were raised that there would be some risks of misuse in using the card, and if there would be a misuse of the credit card, then some problems of resolution for the other factors including cyberattack would rise, such problems lead to the credit card numbers to be exposed with high numbers of fraud. Follow More Updates On

Supreme court Scotus credit card

Is Supreme Court credit cards Info leaked?

Before some days, some TikTok videos went viral on the social media platforms the credit card details of some justices were leaked including some of the justices of the United States Supreme Court such as Clarence Thomas, and John G. Roberts, and Stephen g. Breyer. As it could be seen in the video, one of the hotel waiters showed the credit card’s front and the back information of the justice Clarence Thomas. The waiter in the video also claimed to have five more justices’ credit card information. After the video was reported by several netizens and individuals, the video got deleted by the TikTok authority.

Supreme Court credit cards Info leaked

The justice of the Supreme Court of the United States Clarence Thomas has alleged, that several transactions were made from his credit card by some unknown people after his credit card information got viral through a video. John Toro, who is the partner of the King & Spalding LLP, said over the matter that everything depends upon the Supreme Court’s decision and every decision for the company will be taken after knowing, that how the court has formulated its decision.

King & Spalding LLP operates the class actions of the consumers. According to John Toro, if there would be any kind of risk in the use of TransUnion for the consumers, that does not contradict the privacy claims made by the company, so the Supreme Court would limit the privacy claims and materiel of the consumers for the companies, that are against the privacy claims. According to the sources, the final decision of the court will be more dependent on some main points of the case, and not on the points that will be needed for the consumers to prove the class action suit.

Some of the netizens have made fun of the condition and laughed over the credit card companies for not making their credit card secure enough to be used. When the news of the credit card information leaked was posted on Twitter by some news telecast Twitter account, some people questioned to be asking for the credit card information, whereas some others had put some memes in reply to the news.


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