Many reality shows will be going to entertain all the people across the country. Now, one of the most entertaining and amusing reality show named Super Singer Season 8 is going to introduce many episodes. The reality show will be going to very entertaining because the show will be going to air the elimination round. The reality show will be going to very superb and fantastic because the makers and the contestants very well maintained the popularity and TRP of the show. The participants of Super Singer Season 8 will be going to hit the top position on the TRP chart.

Super Singer Season 8 25th April

If we talk about the name who will be eliminated this week then the name is Vanathi. The episode of Super Singer Season 8 will be going to take its start with the host of the show named Makapa Anand and Priyanka Deshpande. They both announce a very good theme for the show that later optimized in the show. They announced that there will be no competition in the episode because it will be requested by the music director and brand ambassador of the show, Aniruth. So, it will be cleared that the show will be going to heat up the entire environment in which all the contestants present their splendid performances on the stage.

The performances performed by the Sridhar Sena will totally heat up the entire environment. The song that Sridhar performs is from the collection of Aniruth and he also received a standing ovation from the judges. After his performance, Bharat grace the entire show with his outstanding and massive performance. He gives a slow performance that makes judges join the show and praises his fabulous performance. Also, the performance of both the personalities clearly saying that the competition will be going tougher day by day.

Later, Anu Anand joins the stage and shows her soulful performance with a beautiful voice. Again and Again, the contestants joining the stage and show their outstanding performance to entertain all the fans. Now, reality shows getting more popular because the show regularly introducing many brilliant episodes. The biggest loss of the show will be going to taking place tonight. Vanathi will be evicted from the show because of few votes. Super Singer Season 8 will be going to more interesting and worth watching. If you want to watch the reality show then you need to stay on the channel where the show airing.


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