The Tamil popular singing reality show, Super Singer Season 8 is going high for the last few weeks because of the contestants and their performances in the show. Now, the excitement of the fans is going on more high because the show is close to its end and it seems that the declaration of the winner will be announced soon before the Grand Finale but it will not happen, we know.

Super Singer 8 Elimination 29th August 2021

Since the show has started, it has been capturing lots of audience attraction from the audience and even, receiving more publicity from fans. Well, the promo videos of the show have been released and within a few seconds, it has gained lots of views on social media and Youtube.

Super Singer 8 Elimination

Well, each episode comes with something super excited and amazing because the audience always waits for the best and qualifying contestants and who will reach the Grand Final and receive the trophy of the show, he/she will become the winner and make space among fans.

However, it is not easy to tell that who can win this season because there are lots of amazing contestants in the show who has been giving their best to impress our audience and judges by their voice. Well, the next episode will bring lots of things and also, the performance will take you to another world. So, let’s talk about today’s episode.

As we have seen that the show has received huge popularity and providing a high dose of entertainment every weekend. The show started in January 2021 and still, it is too amazing to watch. Now, only five contestants are left in the show including Abilash Venkitachalam, Adithya Krishna, Muthu Sirpi, Bharat Rajesh, and Anu Anand.

Super Singer 8 Today’s Episode

In the last episode, the competition was too hard as the judges were confused to choose one of the best finalists between Anu and Muthu and we got to see that Muthu was chosen for the first finalist of Grand Finale. Well, many fans have expectations from Muthu as we can also expect that he could be the winner of the show.

So, if we talk about the latest episode so, it is going to be very excited as the contestants will perform in front of our judges. These are our 4 finalists of the show. Anu Aravind, Bharat K Rajesh, Muthu Sirpi, and Abhilash Venkitachalam. Now, it will be interesting to watch that who will become the next winner of Super Singer 8.

So, stay tuned with us and get weekend updates of the show. Capture the latest episode at 09:30 PM on Stay Vijay TV.


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