The American independent psychological thriller movie is one of the finest and loving films of 2017 by most of the people who have watched this before. In the United States, it was being released on September 29, 2017, and since then, the movie has captured lots of attention across the world as many watchers have already watched this fantastic psychological thriller movie in theatres and as well as their TV screens.

Super Dark Times Release Date

Kevin Phillips is the director of the movie while it was written by Ben Collins and Luke Piotrowski. The movie has lots of interesting Hollywood celebrities including Owen Campbell, Charlie Tahan, and Elizabeth Cappuccino.

After the successful release, the movie had a box office collection of around $33.109. Well, it has been more than 3 years but the fans are still talking about the movie. The movie is based on two best friends who have talked about girls in their secret book. As people are thinking about the movie, it has something more interesting. You should also know that it is the first directed movie by Phillips.

The story is all about the life of the children and how their friendship goes worse when it comes in their teenage time. Some of the people like to find the plot around guilt and think that it is a portrayal. Those people who like to stay upstairs have lots of mountains, lakes, grass fields, and many more things.

But on the other side, there is too much upside down in the cities. With some beautiful scenes and green fields, the city also hides something under that. Now, it is fixed that the movie is all about the theme of adolescence theme.

Before reaching to the end of the movie, we prefer you to watch the trailer first because you need to know something about the movie and some basic premise which will be discussed in this article. After the horrific accident, Josh and Zach who were indivisible change and become opposite for each other.

Super Dark Time:- Plot

Let’s come to the main plot of the movie and it’s all about teenagers. Zach and Josh are best friends and one day Charlie, Josh, Daryl, and Zach are having fun and suddenly, they killed Daryl in an accident. After that, their life gets totally changed after that incident. They find the bags of Marijuana or Katana around them. They find a control.

Now, Daryl steals the package of marijuana and when they forced each other to snatch it, they accidentally killed Daryl. Now, what will happen next, it is interesting to watch and if you haven’t watched the movie yet so, you should watch that first.

Super Dark Time:- Ending Explained

Let’s move to the death of Daryl and since then, Josh killed him accidentally and the news went viral that he is missing. Zach faced lots of nightmares and Josh is not attending classes. Suddenly, a dead body was found of another student and where some rumors are already spreading, the next rumor came out that John fell down from the bridge.

On the other side, Zach thinks that this murder is not alike accidental, and to get Katana, he went back to Daryl’s burial site. He sees the body of Daryl as mutilated and to confess his accident, he goes to Josh’s house and finds that he is with Allison. Josh becomes a psychopath who has killed Meghan and tied Allison. Zach and Josh fight and a neighbor comes to them and later, Josh is being arrested.

Things going normal and after one month, Allison comes to her school and the close-up shot shows her three lines in the back of her neck. At the age of 16, they all have lost. While Josh is a real culprit.


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