Again, the most anticipating and high TRP containing show is going to be back with another brilliant episode. Yes, we are talking about the most genuine reality show Super Dancer Chapter 4 because it is the only one that contains such a big fanbase across the country. As everyone knows that the ongoing season of the reality show is presenting many fantastic and splendid performances by the contestants. Every year the reality show coming with a brand new season that heats up the entire environment and makes the people mad for it. Super Dancer Chapter 4 is also going on very well and entertaining everyone without any hesitation.

Super Dancer Chapter 4 1st May 2021 Today Episode

If we talk about the upcoming episode of Super Dancer Chapter 4 then it will be going to provide something different and beyond from the imagination. The excitement among viewers and fans is extremely high and everyone just wants to watch the complete episode in which all the superb contestants presenting their outstanding performance on the stage. The upcoming episode of the reality show will be actually going to be a very huge hit because of two special guests who grace the entire scenario by their appearance. Yes, we are talking about Farah Khan and Remo D’Souza who will be invited by the makers as special guests to make the episode more precious for the audience.

Everyone knows that they both are very prominent directors, producers, dancers, producers, and choreographers. The judges of the show are Anurag Basu, Shilpa Shetty, and Geeta Kapoor who always providing a very genuine and clear judgment for all the contestants of the show. If we talk about the performance then Pratiti along with her super guru Shweta will totally bring the fire on the stage by showing her sensational dance on the song “Kamli”. Her strong and stunning moves will completely blow the mind of judges and the audience too. Everyone praises them for their brilliant performance.

Another performance by Arshiya with her super guru Anuradha on the most iconic song “Dola Re Dola”. They both also collect lots of applause from the judges and the audience. Every move that they show on the stage is purely awesome and perfect. After that Amit and Amardeep join the stage to perform the song “Teri Mitti”. Now, everyone knows that the song contains lots of ups and downs movement and they both very well perform every detail in their dance moves. So, Super Dancer Chapter 4 will be going to show mesmerizing episode on 1st May 2021 because every performance will completely make everyone shout and praises them. So, stay connected with us to know more information related to the shows.


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