Super Dancer Chapter 3, well as we all know that kids special Dance reality show Super Dance reality show Super Dancer come with his new season and is this time you all see many good contestants and very tuff competition. The audition round continues and from the whole India children’s are coming and they are showing their talents to the judge and trying to select in the show. Super Dancer season 3 is an amazing episode. The children are too much talent. It is expected that the record is broken by the contestants of Super Dancer 3, they broke another reality Dancing show.

Today is the final auditions episode updates: the judge Shilpa Shetty, Anurag Basu and Geeta Maa they all are saying to the contestants that this time the competition is higher and if you want to select in this season that you have to show us new dance style and new talent. We know that every year so many children’s come to the show and give their best to get to get selected in the super dancers but sometimes we have to take the very tuff decision and said them that you all do not prepare for the show.

Well in this season of Super Dancer  3 we see that the contestants are good and they all are giving many good performances and they all impress the judges in very good numbers. In this season the contestants rock the stage. Anurag Basu said that this year we have seen many children’s that all are passionate about the show and their parents are also doing the hard work to make their dreams complete and make them star.

To know much more about the reality show Super Dancer 3 be with us.


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