The well-known personality of the Sri Lanka Musician industry is getting in the trend after the death rumour. The famous name Sunil Parera is in the headlines due to the rumour that he died after tested positive Covid-19 a few days ago. It is tragic news for all of us and possibly nobody has thought about it. After the news, there are lots of people who start sharing the news and looking out for the exact death reason behind his death.

Sunil Perera Death Hoax RumorsSunil Perera Death Hoax Rumors

So far there is no such confirmation we get that he was passed away or is still alive. As per the news, Sunil Parera has been admitted to the ICU for a period and treated for the Covid-19. Even as per the news, he was treated in a Private Hospital in Colombo. After the rumour this news was shared by thousands of people on social media.

Who Is Sunil Perera?

Till now there is no official confirmation has come over his death. Even his relatives also come out and said that he is getting treatment for Corona Infection. Also, they told the media to stop spreading fake news and this rumour among people.

Is Sunil Perera Dead or Alive?

Among them is the popular singer and leader of the well-known ‘Gypsies’ band – Sunil Perera. Also, well-known personalities in the industry – Giriraj Kaushalya, Sriyani Amarasena, Niroshan Wijesinghe, Shirley P. Delankawala and Roshana Ondachchi have also tested positive.

If there is any update regarding health then we will notify you via our news article. To get the latest news about Sunil Parera make sure you have bookmarked the website.


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