Juno spacecraft, NASA, strom

A stunning image from NASA shows intense storms on the surface of Jupiter with dense clouds that are covered for more than thousands of miles across the sky that resembles oil painted picture.

The Juno Spacecraft sent from NASA was on a little more than that of the diameter of earth from Jupiter, or you can say 8,292 miles when it came across this fantastic view of the atmosphere of the planet. This color-enhanced picture was captured by Juno spacecraft at the latitude of 48.9 degrees and shows sizeable circled cloud formations traveling at a speed of 129, 000 mph over the surface of the gaseous planet.

The Juno spacecraft has been orbiting Jupiter since 2016, and it has been sending images to earth since then. It took pictures during a flyby on December 16, 2017, around 9:43 am. A spokesperson from NASA said, “Jupiter fills the image, with only a hint of the terminator in the upper right corner, and no visible limb.”

This picture was processed by citizen scientists Sean Doran and Gerald Eichstadt with the help of data available from the JunoCam images.

The space agency also came up with another set of images that showed the picture from the above of the planet. These pictures were processed by David Marriott and Kevin Gill who are also the citizen scientists.

In the last month, a similar type of an oil-painted like picture of Jupiter was taken from 11, 700 miles from the top of the planet’s clouds. This would be a rough distance between New York City and Perth, Australia.

The spacecraft Juno was positioned in space at a latitudinal distance of 57.57 degrees which is nearly the three-fifths of the way from Jupiter’s equator from its north pole.


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