An air hostess or flight attendant of Emirates Airlines is going viral on social media around the world after she took her Twitter account to reveal something about her experience of life. According to the social media updates and sources, a flight attendant named Josefine Macchi revealed after taking her Twitter account that she was being rejected by Emirates Airlines for not being slender enough, which means she is not enough lean to attend the flight. She explained in her interview story in a thread and revealed that she was asked to lose her weight to be accepted.

Flight Attendant Claimed Emirates Airlines Rejected

Macchi took her Twitter account and wrote” I never thought I was going to do this but today I am extremely puzzled. As many of you know, I finished my cabin crew course and what I want most is to fly To that end, on Sunday the 24th I want to an Emirates Airlines interview. In the first instance, they put us in pairs”. Later, she re-tweeted,” You had to talk to your partner and then I had to introduce her to everyone and she would introduce me with the information we gave each other. she had very usual mistakes and I helped her so that when it was her turn she wouldn’t make them, or avoid them”.

Flight Attended Claimed Emirates Airlines Rejected

“EVERYTHING is in English, but luckily that was not a problem for me. At the end of that instance, they take everyone out of the room, and then, the recruiter says that the numbers she mentioned are going to”. Josefine just recently completed her course of cabin crew course and went for an interview. She is available on Twitter with her username @JoseMacchi and joined Twitter in October 2010 and was born on October 31.

The social media user even pinned her Tweet and remained it on the top of the tweets. Along with the tweet, she also shared her three pictures showing herself in a dress and it can be easily that the Josefina should be fit for the cabin crew. She later retweeted,” You are very pretty, you have a very good level of English, but you need that. You have to wait 6 months and blabla. Oh, and please don’t comment that I told you this because it doesn’t speak well of the company”. After this, many people started to leave their reactions over this and took their social media handles.


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