Weight Management and controlling health is one of the most discussed topics among youngster nowadays. A new study shows that obesity is linked with depression in boys and not in girls. The study was published in the journal Childhood Obesity. It says that boys, who are underweight and obese are more likely to develop depression at a later age than girls. It says that the symptoms of the same in children and adolescents with high, low, or normal body mass index differ in a different gender.

Seyed-Ali Mostafavi and a team of researchers conducted the study in which they included 25000 young children and examine their body type and associated depressive symptoms related to their Body Masses. They were examined over a period of time. These children were categorized into three groups. One group had children who are underweight. The second group included children with normal weight and the third group had children who are overweight. Both the boys and the girls were categorized into these groups.

The study showed that the link between body weight and depression can be seen in boys and not in girls. “There has been some disagreement in the literature about the nature of the relationship between obesity and depression among children and adolescents. Mostafavi and colleagues generated a large Iranian population-based sample and determined that obesity was correlated with depression among boys, but not girls, after controlling for likely confounders. The large sample adds confidence to the findings,” said Tom Baranowski, the Editor-in-chief of the Child Obesity




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