On Thursday, a new Australian study shows that high-calorie intake can affect the brain health of the person. In today’s world, most of the people are addicted to high -calorie junk Food including cheese, pizza, burger, fries, and other oily options. This habit may lower the capacity of the brain, decreasing the work efficiency of the person.

Nicolas Cherbuin of the Australian National University, who was the lead author of the study said that today, people are consuming 650 extra kilocalories in a day in comparison to 50 years back. This quantity is equal to junk food like burger, french fries, and soft drink.

Cherbuin, a professor at the same University Centre for Research on Ageing, Health, and Wellbeing said that a lot of people are making it a habit of eating high-calorie junk food and involving no physical activity at all. He added that it is discovered that these kinds of eating habits and saying no to exercise and other physical activity increase the risk factor of Type 2 Diabetes and lower the functioning of the brain, causing deficiencies such as dementia and brain shrinkage.

Efe news reported that around 30 percent of the world’s population is overweighted and more than 10 percent of this population will develop Type 2 diabetes by 2030. Researchers said that the risk of dementia development in the age of late 60s when people have the habit of taking fast food and high-calorie food. They also suggested everyone to adopt a healthy lifestyle at an early age as this kind of risk cannot be reversed at a later age.



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