People are becoming more addicted to sleeping late and hence wake up late in the morning. Most of the people have made this habit their normal schedule. But sleeping late in the night and also waking up late in the morning results in various health problems. People who have this kind of habit are called “Night Owls”.

A new study published in the Journal Sleep Medicine found that if the person shifts a few hours of sleeping time by going somehow early to bed which will make him wake up early in the morning, will gradually increase the performance of the person on the following day and also help in reducing the stress level. The study says that Night Owls, who retrain their body clock by shifting only 2-3 hours may increase their efficiency in the morning and it will help in decreasing their stress and anxiety level as well.

They suggested that only over a period of three weeks, using non-pharmacological and practical interventions, the routine can be changed and show the results. It has no negative impact on the health of the person. The results were shown by the researchers from the University of Birmingham and the University of Surrey in the UK, and Monash University in Australia.

The study included twenty-two young adults who were fit but had a habit of going late for sleep and also waking late in the morning. For a period of three weeks, they were asked to go just 2-3 hours early to bed. These participants had a routine of going to bed at around 2:30 pm and waking up late by 10:30 am. They were asked to follow the pattern on working as well as free days.

The findings showed that their work performance increased in the morning and also the level of stress and anxiety throughout the day decreased, which gradually increased their mental wellness.


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