Students of Chennai schools have launched a campaign where they are demanding to take appropriate action against a teacher who has sexually assaulted a girl in the school. A matter of inappropriate behaviour has come in limelight from Chennai school where a school teacher threatened a girl with low grades if she complaints about his misbehaviour. The teacher of top Chennai schools has been accused by many students where they complained that he has threatened them with low grades in his subjects if they speak to anyone about his sexual misbehaving. Students stated that the accused used to wear towels in online classes and send vulgar messages to girl students. He used to comment on their profile pictures which made them uncomfortable joining his online class.

studenta ooutrage as teacher at top

Many of the students have complained earlier about this behavior, but no action has been taken by the school management. The girl students have spoken to their female faculties and shown those bulgur comments on their profile pictures, but they didn’t get any solution from the management. Now the school has released a statement where they addressed the school, Dean. They have disclosed the identity of the accused teacher who has been working in the institute for 20 years. He used to teach accountancy and business studies. Several girl students have complained about his misbehaviour in the school and now the online classes issue has come forward. The girl students earlier

complaint that he has harassed them and also tried to touch them inappropriately. When those girls warned him, he threatened them for low grades in his subject, if they complained against him. These statements have been registered by many girls students in the school, but school management has ignored the matter continuously. After the campaign started, the school alumni members have appealed that the accused should be suspended immediately and remove from taking part in academic activities from now. They are also demanding a proper

investigation against the teacher that will be held by Child Protection Committee and Gender Sensitivity Committee. DMK MP Kanimozhi has also said that the inquiry will be started against the teacher and also said that the school management failed to take any action against the complaints registered by those girls, so the action will also be taken against the school management. When the matter reached DMK Chennai South MP Thamizhachi Thangapandian, they stated that strict action should be taken against the teacher and the school management for ignoring the matter. The management has ignored the matter and protect the culprit. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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