One of the most popular handball leagues, German League is all set to come with a new twisting match of the day. Lots of fans are excited to watch this match because of their gameplay. As we know that this handball league has already come with lots of matches and now, this is going to be the next match tonight.

STU vs BHC Live Score

As per the updates, team TVB Stuttgart (STU) and team Bergischer HC (BHC) will face off each other on the handball coat. You can also visit the arena to watch this excited match where lots of players will be seen on the floor for competition.

STU vs BHC Live Score

Many players are getting ready to play this match and if you also want to become a part of the game so, you can choose your players from this list. Adam Lonn, Zarko Peshevski, Linus Arnesson, Alexander Weck Alexander Schulze, Emil Hansson, and Sebastian Damm is going to be the best players of the league.

Many fans are amazing to watch this match tonight. Tickets will be available on the official website of the league and it will be available before the match begins. Keep reading to know more updates.

STU vs BHC: Match Details

  • Team Names:- TVB Stuttgart (STU) vs Bergischer HC (BHC)
  • League:- German League
  • Venue:- Porsche-Arena
  • Date:- Sunday, February 27, 2022
  • Time:- 01:00 AM IST’

STU vs BHC: Team Squad

TVB Stuttgart (STU):- Sebastian Augustinussen, Dominik Weiss, Patrick Zieker, Zarko Peshevski, Alexander Schulze, Yannik Wissman, Lasse Siebel, Egon Hanusz, Nico Schottle, Andri Mar-Runarsson, Luis Plymford Foege, Luca Mauch, Joshua Scheiner, Maurice Widmaeir, Tobias Thulin, Miljan Vujovic, Jerome Muller, Ivan Pesic, Max Hafner, Primoz Prost, Samuel Rothlisberger, Fynn-Luca Nicolaus, Sascha Pfattheicher, Adam Lonn, and Viggo Kristjansson.

Bergischer HC (BHC):- Tomas Mrkva, Tomas Babak, Yannick Fraatz, Tom Bergner, Max Darj, Linus Arnesson, Sebastian Damm, Csaba Szucs, Jonas Leppich, Tom Kare Nikolaisen, Christopher Rudeck, Lukas Stutzke, Simen Schonningsen, Joonas Klama, Maciej Majdzinski, Alexander Weck, Fabian Gutbrod, Arnor Thor Gunnarsson, David Schmidt, Emil Hansson, Tobias Schmitz, and Jeffrey Boomhouwer.

STU vs BHC: Lineups Player

TVB Stuttgart (STU):- Patrick Zieker, Zarko Peshevski, Alexander Schulze, Viggo Kristjansson, Dominik Weiss, Tobias Thulin, and Adam Lonn.

Bergischer HC (BHC):- Emil Hansson, Linus Arnesson, Alexander Weck, Tomas Mrkva, Sebastian Damm, Fabian Gutbrod, Arnor Thor Gunnarsson.

STU vs BHC: Match Prediction

Here are 18 teams in this league and every single team has played matches more than 20. Well, the competition has been reached on its high and fans are expecting that which team has more chances to win this match tonight. As we can see that team STU is at 16th spot with just 4 victories out of 20 matches. On the other side, team BHC is at 10th spot with 21 matches where they won 7 matches and lost 11 matches. Well, the victory poll is falling to the team BHC’s side, and the team could have more chances to win this match.


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