Those who remain always active on social media are searching for the video which is currently circulating on social media and people are continuously searching for the video to watch before it is removed. According to the sources, two people and several injured after a Storm Eunice brought damage, destruction, and potentially record-breaking winds hit the UK country and made several injured. Along with this, there is a woman of her 30s among two who died in Haringey, North London, on Friday afternoon when a tree fell on a car.

Storm Eunice Hit UK, killed Two and Several Injured

Yes, a woman lost her life after a tree fell on a car said Metropolitan Police while proceeding with the statement. Well, the woman’s death was first confirmed related to Eunice in England. On the other side, a Merseyside Police also confirmed that the second person died after a storm hit the victim who died. The man was in his 50s and died in Netherton, Merseyside, after debris. The storm hit the vehicle he was traveling in. The news was confirmed by the investigators. Keep reading to know about the incident.

Well, a statement was released by the police that said,” Police were contacted after 02:10 PM with reports of debris on the windshield of a car on Switch Island/Dunningsbridge Road”. Later, the police continued,” A male passenger in the vehicle was injured. Emergency services were present at the scene but unfortunately, the man in his 50s was declared dead at the scene. The male driver of the vehicle was not injured”.

After the incident took place, the passenger next of the deceased was informed and assisted by specially trained officers and currently, the investigation of this case has been going on. Damage from the Storm Eunice: tree surgeons clear a fallen tree in Spencer Park, Battersea, Southwest London. While it is reported that this is one of the worst storms hit the UK in this generation.

Now, millions of people are urged by the police to stay inside their homes on Friday over fears of the impact of Eunice. While the transport services has been stopped until the storm gets calm down. Along with this, a person has suffered serious injuries after being hit by the roof debris in Henley-on-Thames. Two other people was reported injured after suffering from same incident but separate in South London.


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