Stevenage Train Accident Update: Great Northern Rail Hit A Person By Train In Hitchin: Says Reports! There was another accident reported in Hertfordshire where a person was hit by a train. Let us tell you that the accident took place on 5th February 2022 and then services were blocked from Potters Bar to Hitchin. The investigation of the case is going on and many people looking forward to knowing some key details of this incident. The happening induced disturbance of services operating between Moorgate and Stevenage, Moorgate and Welwyn Garden City, London King’s Cross and King’s Lynn, London King’s Cross, and Ely. The incident went viral on different social media platforms where people talking about it.

Stevenage Train Accident

There are some issues going on in the lane and the spokesperson of Great Northern Rail also asks people to choose an alternate route. He alerts everyone to avoid using this route as it will be dangerous for the public to travel through this lane. So far, the routes are closed and the police and higher authorities investigating the case to find some more clues. After the accident take place yesterday, all the officials reach the place and start their investigation.

Along with it, the lane was also blocked by the authorities. No one is able to travel through this lane. Not only this, but the officials also confirmed that travel through this lane will be prohibited until this evening and then the public can voluntarily travel through it. There are numerous searches surfaced on the internet in which people search to find out some key details related to this accident. So far, very few details are available for the public, and we are trying to get some further information regarding this incident.

Talking about the official statement, Great Northern Rail tweeted “It is with great sadness that we report a person has been hit by a train between Potters Bar and Hitchin. All lines are blocked between these stations whilst the emergency services work to deal with this incident”. The accident was actually horrifying and officials are investigating the case. Along with it, they are also trying to find out a permanent solution that does not affect the daily routine of the public and also does not harm anyone.


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