The missing case of Steven Butler has been solved after a man from Champaign was taken into police custody on the charges of beating the death of a 14-years-old, Steven Butler. According to the reports, the body of a boy was found in a roadside ditch on the east of Urbana after the police investigation was started.

steven butler found dead

Steven Butler Cause of Death

The missing case of Steven Butler was registered by his father in the Champaign police department after he went missing for the last few hours. The police investigation brought them to the dead body of Steven which was found in a roadside ditch.

With the investigation, the Sheriff officer and police department of Champaign arrested a 55-years-old, Darryl Vandyke who is suspect in the death. He was being arrested by police on Friday morning from the 500 Block of North Rusell Street after taking out a search warrant of his house.

He was arrested on the First-Degree murder with the set of two million dollars. The missing report of Steven Butler III was registered on Thursday, July 29 around 07:30 PM and later, his dead body was found by two other bicyclists in the 3400 block of East Washington Street.

Steven Butler III Went Missing:

According to his family, Butler left his home around at 5 PM in 900 Block of Harvard Street and when his father could him, the found not unable in touch or couldn’t be found. Later, his body was found by two cyclists and when his family called for confirmation so, it did not take too much time to understand that he is none other than Steven Butler. Some injuries was found on his body.

Along with this, his father wrote a missing note on Facebook for searching his child, he wrote,” Please help, my son Steven Butler went missing from the evening and didn’t come back home. His phone was shut off and he never went like this. He also left his money and did not have anything more than his phone. He has no friends or any kind of things Please help me”.

Steven Butler Wiki-Bio, Age, Family, Parents

Since the news came into the media that Steven’s father is searching for his child, many organizations came forward for help to search and also, shared his picture on social media. But, it is heartbreaking to hear that a father lost his breath, his life, his everything, his son is no more.

The suspect has been sent to the Champaign County Correctional Center where he will be proceedings for a further court hearing and he will be charged for murdering a 14-year-old innocent boy. Well, the reason behind this murder is not cleared yet but the police are investigating the case to find out the reason behind it and also, the Champaign Police Department and Country Sheriff’s Office are asking for help from Illinois State Police on the investigation.


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