Ohio: Who Is Steven Ayres? Jan 6 Riot Member To Testify Details: There is going to be a testimony from Steven Ayres which is supposed to be happening today, that is, 12 July 2022. The testimonial will be presented in front of the House Committee on the matter that happened on the 6th of January in the year 2021, as per the sources. The native from Ohio, Stephen Ayres has admitted that he had broken the law on that day which was in opposition to the official certification of the presidential elections that happened in 2020. This has got him on the top of the headlines and has been on the news for that incident. The testimony is supposedly related to the support that was provided by him to the Republican Trump. If you had a question in mind that who exactly is Steven Ayres then you don’t need to worry as we have got you covered. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Steven Ayres

Who is Steven Ayres?

Steven is a 39-year-old man that belongs to Ohio and he is going to be the one to testify against the House Committee on account of the investigation that was going on in the riots that happened on the 6th of January. The hearing is going to be on the subject of the tweet that was sent by the former President of America, Donald Trump on 19 December 2020. The tweet contained the allegations that were put forth by Trump that the elections were fraud and were conducted in a biased way. He also added that there will also be a demonstration in Washington DC on the 6th of January, 2021.

Steven Ayres From Ohio

Steven’s testimony will be on his action of breaking into the US capitol building on that day, given the fact that he was a supporter of Trump and wanted him to prevail. On the same day, that he had broken into the building, he had also uploaded a video that proved that he was present inside the capitol building.

Steven Ayres Jan 6 Riot Member To Testify

His actions led to the accusations that what he did was a clear violation of the law. He is yet to receive a sentence from the court, but from what we have seen from the records, he is expected to get at least a year of prison in jail and a fine of at most $1 million. However, he does not have any past record of being involved in any conviction so there is going to be some relief for him, on that basis. The violence that had reached an extreme on that day will be judged by the court and we will soon get to see what the charges on the man are going to be. Until then, stay tuned.


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