WATCH: Steve Wilkos and Kylie Strickland Pool Video Goes Viral On Social Media: A video is arresting people’s attention on TikTok since 28th June 2022 in which a famous TikTok content creator is exposing herself to two boys. We are talking about Kylie Strickland who is the famous content creator of TikTok. But for the last few days, she has become a hot subject on social media. Several posts are being posted on Instagram and other social media platforms regarding the same in which Kylie Strickland is indicating herself as a minor. Follow More Updates On

Steve Wilkos Kylie Strickland Leaked Pool Video

Steve Wilkos Kylie Strickland Leaked Pool Video

But the recent, swimming pool leaked video of Kylie Strickland has led the Troup County Sherrif’s Office to lodge a felony case against them. Yes, a legal suitcase has been filed against them and they will soon be presented in the courtroom for the ongoing video of their mishap. What is the actual matter? In the further placed sections we will explain this story comprehensibly. So keep doing the same and read all the sections of this article.

Two younger boys who are seeming to be minors in the recently leaked video gave the impression to be naked to a woman in the video. And that woman is said to be nonother than Kylie Strickland. Now Troup County Sheriff’s Office’s officer named James Woodruff has released a statement regarding the ongoing viral video of Kylie Strickland. James Woodruff stated, “while we know the emotions triggered by Kylie Strickland’s video, we always do our job with full efforts.” Keep reading this article to learn more about this.

Steve Wilkos Kylie Strickland Pool Video

After doing the preliminary investigation, the officers of Troup County Sherrif found that this is the matter of Piker County. Meanwhile, the Pike County Sheriff’s Office has initiated an investigation into this case. Do you really know who is Kylie Strickland and why she is well-known for? Let’s find out this in the next section. Scroll down the page.

The Pike County Sheriff’s Office has taken TikToker Kylie Strickland into custody. Kylie Strickland is widely famous for being a TikTok star. She has garnered over 260,000 followers on her TikTok account. Nowadays, a video of Kylie Strickland is circling on the internet in which she is exposing herself in a swimming pool. Meanwhile, she is also facing repercussions from her leaked video. The Pike County Sheriff’s Office has not shared further reports after her arrest. We will give you further updates as soon as Pike County Sheriff’s Office reveals something related to Kylie Strickland’s arrest news.

On 30th June, Kylie Strickland the famous social media influencer gets arrested by the Troup County Sheriff’s office. The social media influencer is going to be in police custody until the court calls her for a hearing, and later every decision will be taken by the court. The Pike County Sheriff’s Office had filed the warrants against the social media influencer for a video of Kylie Strickland flashing some children in a pool.

A few days, the social media influencer Kylie Strickland put on her social media a video, where the influencer flashed her breasts to the two male kids, who were also present in the pool along with the social media influencer and another woman. After Kylie Strickland posted this video on her social media platforms, the social media influencer rapidly got viral on the internet.

Kylie Strickland Pool Video

Later, when the video was noticed by the authorities, they charged the social media influencer with charges of being the main cause of computer pornography and child exploitation. However, it is not the first time that Kylie Strickland got lots of publicity for her actions of extensiveness. Last year, in the month of April, Kylie Strickland had goes viral on the internet, when she received lots of publicity as a victim of domestic abuse.

As it can be seen in the video, the social media influencer is seen to be wearing a tiny pink bikini and swimming in a swimming pool. She has kept all her hair to her backside, and the time she shows her breasts to the two very young boys, Kylie Strickland pulls the bottom of her bikini on the top and exposes her breasts. The social media also tells in the video, that the kids were drinking some shots of tequila, and both the boys would have seen more breasts than Kylie Strickland would ever have.

After the video of Kylie Strickland exposing her breasts to the kids, went viral on social media, she posted another video where she claimed, that Kylie Strickland was not wrong at that place as the kids were raised with dirty rides. Later, Kylie Strickland also posted a screenshot of the text between her and the children’s parents.

The screenshot of the text between the parents of the kids and Kylie Strickland reveals, that the parents of the kids had no obligations to what Kylie Strickland had done in the swimming pool. The parent of the kids wrote in the text, that they had no issue, because if others had to see, then they would have to pay for that, but the parents of the kids did not have to pay for making their kids see the breasts of the social media influencer.


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