Stephen Hawking’s deathbed has information of multiple universes

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The final research paper that was submitted by Stephen Hawking just weeks before his death has left behind numerous clues to find other universes out in the cosmos other than that of the earth.

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World’s one of the most renowned and successful scientists, Stephen Hawking passed away peacefully at his residence in Cambridge at the age of 76 on March 14th. Before leaving, he gave the scientists and discoverers a math puzzle to solve about the experimental evidence for the existence of a “multiverse.”

The papers prove that the cosmos is not the only living universe that humans exists instead there are numerous others as well. Thomas Hertog, the theoretical physics professor at KU Leuven University in Belgium who also co-authored the papers reported to say that, “this was Stephen: to go where star trek fears to tread boldly. He has often been nominated for the Nobel and should have won one. Now he never can.”

The paper named as “A smooth Exit from Eternal Inflation” is forwarded for further reviewing to a leading journal. It has come out with an issue that has been bothering the late theoretical physicist from British since 1983 in his theory “no boundary” that he devised with James Hartle. This is where he had discussed how the universe exploded into the world with the big bang.

This was considered as a mathematical paradox that was the reason for its impossibility to test it experimentally. Hartle explains, “We wanted to transform the basic idea of a multiverse into a testable scientific framework.”

The final papers submitted by Stefan Hawking few weeks before his death also explain the fate of the existing universe that it is would fade into the world of blackness when the stars run out of energy gradually.



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