You might have heard of Cell therapy and its numerous benefits for the human race. It has cures for some health conditions such as liver cirrhosis, PCOD, diabetes, and autoimmune diseases. Now, according to the latest reports, it has a new addition to the list, and it is the early menopause that can be corrected by cell therapy.

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During a breakthrough treatment, cell therapy has got new readings in the cases of women with early menopause conditions and has given them a ray of hope that they can again conceive and become proud mothers by bearing children. It also does not recommend these women for the hormone replacement therapy anywhere.

According to Dr. Prabhu Mishra, Ceo and co-founder of stemGenn Therapeutics which is a company that specialises in the retrieval of high quality stem cells, says, “It is thought that the method can be developed into a female infertility treatment so as to set aside the hormone replacement therapy with a non-surgical procedure for women who get severe menopause symptoms.”

This number of women is quite evident in the Indian society where women suffer from menopause problems and want to have children but also do not want to undergo HRT because of its dangers associated with it to get breast cancer.

Cell therapy is considered as the best-tested therapy on the patients who suffer from the primary ovarian insufficiency or (POI) that sends 1 out of every 100 women into the stress of menopause before they reach the age of 40. Women suffering from menopausal symptoms get hot flushes, night sweats, severe mood swings, and dryness on the vaginal area. If they are interested in bearing the child, they need to get healthy eggs from the healthy donors. Scientists hope that they could help these women conceive without getting under the scissors and still gaining fertility with the help of cell therapy.


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