Recently a very saddest news is coming that Stella Tennant, who well known for her outstanding model skills died yesterday. She was a very cool British aristocratic model who gives her entire life to modeling. Her husband whose named David Lasnet is a former photographer who born in Paris. He is now established as an Osteopath. Stella dies yesterday and many people who know her are mourning her demise. David is a very famous photographer but now he worked as an osteopath because he wanted to know all the knowledge about the subject.David Lasnet

The qualifications of David Lasnet are from the British School of Osteopath. The practice he is based on is Soma Osteopathy in Edinburgh. He married Stella Lasnet in 1999 at a ceremony in Oxnam. They married each other in Scotland that was Stella’s hometown. But their happily married life was not running for too much time. After 21 years of marriage, in August 2020, Stella announced that she was not in relation to David for more. She announced that she ended the relationship with David one year before.

After that David also said in an interview that “There’s nothing better than growing old together. And it’s very easy to destroy something”. The couple has four children The family lived after moving from New York in their 18th-century house on the Scottish Borders. David has four children, Iris, 15, Jasmine, 17, Cecily, 20, and Marcel, 22. Now, David has to live his life alone with children because Stella passed away at the age of 50. The official statement said that “It is with great sadness we announce the sudden death of Stella Tennant on 22nd December 2020”.

Stella Tennant’s death gives a piece of very sad news to all the fans and family members. Her friends who know her are very upset and sharing her lots of images on social media to give her a very soulful tribute. David is also very upset and mourns after knew about the death of Stella Tennant. She was an outstanding model and give her entire life to modeling and got very huge fame and love from the audience. So, if you want to know more facts and current affairs then stay tuned with us.


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