Who was Stefania Maracineanu and what was her cause of death? Google Doodle pays tribute Romanian physicist: Google Doodle is celebrating the 140th birth anniversary of Romanian physicist Stefania Maracineanu. Stefania Maracineanu was one of the most influential women in discovering and researching radioactivity. Follow UptoBrain.com For More Updates

Stefania Maracineanu

Who was Stefania Maracineanu?

Google Doodle has creatively featured Stefania Maracineanu in a practical laboratory, where she is seen holding the element Polonium. Stefania Maracineanu was born on June 18, 1882, in Bucharest, Kingdom of Romania. Her parents Sebastian Marachieanu and Sevastia were only 20 years old when they had their daughter Stefania Maracineanu, and she did not receive much happiness and resources in her childhood. Stefania Maracineanu did her schooling at Central School for Girls in Bucharest, Kingdom of Romania. Later in 1910, she completed her graduation from the University of Bucharest, in physical and chemical science. Stefania Maracineanu died from cancer in 1944, which was caused by her exposure to radiation.

Stefania Maracineanu Death Cause

Stefania Maracineanu taught at high schools Ploiesti, Iasi, and Campulung of Bucharest, and for the longest period of time, she had taught in the Central School for Girls, from 1915 to 1940. Stefania Maracineanu did a course on radioactivity at the Sorbonne with Marie Curie, in 1919. Later in 1926, she did research work at the Radium Institute and completed her Ph.D. getting the degree from the Radium Institute, under the direction of the physicist Marie Curie. Radium Institute was one of the most famous centers of the study of radioactivity, at the time of Stefania Maracineanu.

Stefania Maracineanu had also received an award of 300 lei for her senior thesis “Light interference and its application to wavelength measurement”. Light interference and its applications to the wavelength measurement describe the ability of the light waves, in different kinds of circumstances. The research describes physics as the superposition of the waves, that causes highly increased or decreased propositions in the waves.

How did Stefania Maracineanu die?

Stefania Maracineanu did so much research on the element Polonium, and she also did research on Polonium’s half-life and expanded her knowledge of radioactive atoms. These radioactive isotopes artificial discovery made another physicist win the Nobel Prize, but Stefania Maracineanu was the first one to discover the radioactive isotopes.

Stefania Maracineanu did experiments demonstrating the relation between radioactivity and rainfall, and also the experiment on earthquakes and rainfalls. Stefania Maracineanu received the honor of specifying her scientific research from the Posta Romana on the 1 Ieu, but the image shown on the note was of Marie Curie. Posta Romana is the national postal service in Romania. This supplies the delivery items in the Romanian territory.


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