The Chinese crime romance drama series, Stealth Walker (2021) is currently running on the YouKu Network. Many fans have been waiting for the next episode of the series called “Stealth Walker Episode 15”. All the last episodes have gained a huge fan base among the watchers and now, the next episode will bring lots of things in the chapter.

Stealth Walker Episode 15 Release Date

The c-drama is directed by Shen Rong and there are lots of characters in the series including Lin Peng, Zheng Ye Cheng, Wang Zhi Gang, Li Zi Feng, We Jian Long, Kin Kai Jie, and many more characters. The drama has been receiving an amazing response for the last few days.

Along with this, the storyline of the series has captured lots of attention across the world. Now, the drama has become everyone’s favorite and comes to the amazing drama category list. The plot of the drama revolves around the female cop Ling Qiang who goes on an undercover mission. Unfortunately, she falls in love with a boy who is the son of a drug lord.

Between her love and mission, who would choose Lin Qiang? The drama falls under suspense, romance, drama, crime, thrilling, and many other things. The series has released almost 14 episodes and it’s time for the next episode. Now, let’s talk about the upcoming episode and when it will be released?

Stealth Walker Episode 15: Plot

The series is a total mixture of crime and romance where both things can be seen together. The drama has a girl cop from an academy of police, Lin Qiang. Her parents were killed by the lord of drugs and now, she is finding him. Therefore, she is selected as an undercover officer.

She starts to collect some evidence to arrest the drug lord. When she is on the mission she meets a guy who is the son of a drug lord and falls in love with him. The character can be identified as Zhang Xian-He. She creates a plan to collect more information from the father of the guy.

But unfortunately, she falls in love with him in real. Now, she will have to choose between love and revenge. After knowing the reality of her, he is also in a panic. Now, it will be interesting to watch the next episode.

Stealth Walker Episode 15: Release Date

Now, the fans are excited to watch the next episode as soon as possible and it will be released in the upcoming days. As per the sources, the next episode will release on August 24, 2021. Along with this, the series has released almost 14 episodes, and now, the next episode will release.

Each episode has a running time of 45 minutes. As per the sources, there are some changes related to the schedule of the episode. So, every next episode will release thrice a week on Thursday, Wednesday, and Thursday at scheduled 6 PM CST on the YouKu channel.


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