Who Is Stavros Halkias? Stand-Up Comedian And Podcaster Leaving Cumtown: The comedian Stavros Halkias has announced that he has left the show “Cumtown” and this has left many of his fans in a state of shock as he was one of the most liked comedians, and has been finally leaving the show which has been sad news for many of his fans. Stavros is a stand-up comedian who is from New York and is a Greek American. He is also known for his podcasts. It has been a long time ever since early 2010 and had also been a host for the popular podcast Cum Town. The comedy debut of the comedian was released live at the Lodge Room which was aired on his Youtube channel this year. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Stavros Halkias Leaving Cumtown Podcast

Who Is Stavros Halkias?

As the situation stands the comedian has left the show and it doesn’t look like he has any plans of coming back to the show in the future. His withdrawal from the show was announced on June 25. His decision to leave the show “Cum Town” was announced by him on his social media profiles.

Stavros Halkias Leaving Cumtown Podcast

The comedy podcast that is known as Cum Town was released in 2016 and was hosted by great comedians such as Nick Cullen, Stavros Halkias, and Adam Friedland. Although, as it is mentioned earlier Stavros joined only in 2022 and has already planned on leaving the show.

Stavros Halkias Leaving Cumtown Podcast

As of June 2022, Cum Town became the eighth-ranked in popularity in the category of most popular Podcasts of June 2022. The episodes are mostly 60 minutes in length and there has been improvisation in the time from time to time as well.

Most of the Cum Town’s riffs are circled around crass puns and rhymes which include saying “Louis seems gray” instead of Louis C.K and there are also many explicit scenarios that are filled with the usage of cuss words. There are also many stereotypes that are based on ethnicity and race.

Stavros Halkias Wife?

As of now, the comedian Stavros does not have a wife and there is no news of him getting married or planning to get married either. He often forbids himself from sharing his personal and dating life as well.

Stavros was born to Greek immigrant parents who lived in Baltimore, Maryland, and had been to the Baltimore Polytechnic Institute where he used to love playing football.

He has not just performed comedy shows but also been a co-host of the basketball podcast “Pod Don’t Lie with Sam Morril”, in 2019 and has also been a host of White Chocolate NBA Pipecast with another one of his comedian friends.


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