Raghav comes to Naira’s house. Everyone becomes shocked. He says he was in her car. He says Tina loved him and was pregnant with his child. Then she had an abortion also and now she is thinking that she will lead a good life. Naira cries and says she is not responsible for all this. Dadi slaps her and says she knew about this that Naira is not a good girl as she lived in Rishikesh for so many years. Naira goes to Kartik and says please believe me. Kartik kicks Raghav. Suddenly Naira wakes up and Kartik asks what happened. Naira realizes that it was a dream. Kartik says don’t worry it will not become real. Naira says please be with me. In morning Naira prays to remain happy. Naira decorates the Christmas tree. Kartik says The person who becomes Santa is ill and now I will be Santa. Naira says I will become Santa. They fight. Dadi comes and says why you both are fighting.

star plus, yeh rishta kya kehlata hai, kartik, naira

Naira thinks that Shivam should become Santa so that he will be involved in Christmas party. Shubham thinks he would be Santa but Dadi says I am so happy Kartik will be Santa and then Shubham becomes angry and leaves. Dadi calls Kirti and invites all of them to the Christmas party. Everyone gets happy and says we will definitely go. Rajshree notices that something happened between Kirti and Naksh. Then Kartik dresses as Santa and gets call of Raghav. Raghav asks him to come and meet in an old factory. Kartik gets angry and thinks he has to go and finish this case. Raghav also dresses as Santa and thinks he will destroy Tina. Naira comes dressed beautifully and Kartik praises her. she goes downstairs and everyone enjoys with children. Naira asks her cousins to bring Shubham and then Shubham comes there. Suddenly she sees Sakshi and her fiance arrived at the party. She leaves and attends the. Shubham again becomes angry and thinks no one respects him. Swarna takes out the Christmas gifts and says that she always managed to deliver these gifts to both of her sons but today Shubham will not accept this. Manish asks Swarna to keep faith and her both sons will love her one day. They go to Shubham and give him the gift. He takes the gift but then throws it on the floor. He becomes angry and says he will not consider her as the mother.

Sakshi tells Naira that Anubhav is so possessive and she cannot discuss anything with him otherwise he will break this relation. Naira asks her to get a solution. Sakshi cries and says that she has no way and already she has troubled Naira so much. Raghav comes to the party as Santa and brings a gift pack which consists of papers of abortion which contains the name of Naira. He gives that gift to Dadi and Dadi opens that. she gets angry and thinks Naira was not a good human and now she will decide what to do with the relation of Naira and Kartik.


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