Aditya gets a bag of someone and finds it to be the purse of the richest lady of the Bangkok. Two ladies walk and Aditya follows them. They were Kanak and her Bhabhi. It is all a plan and Uma asks if the plan is alright or not. Kanak says the plan is fine and now Aditya will come to us. Masi sa beats Palomi and asks the doctor how many days will it take to change the face of a lady completely. Aditya goes home and becomes excited and tells her mom that he got the purse of Diana and she says how you know. Masi saa says that let us check it on the internet. they search her on the internet and gets to know about her. Kanak calls Ved and asks if he has uploaded her photos in place of real Diana. He says yes I did it. Aditya says I will trap this girl in my love. Kanak and Uma talks. Kanak becomes happy as she thinks their first plan is successful as they caught what exactly Masi saa and Aditya wants: money


Kanak dances and asks Uma to dance. She talks in Punjabi. Uma says I cannot do it. Kanak says this will create the impact on other persons. Bhabhi says that Aditya has come. Kanak becomes ready and goes downstairs. Ved buys dishwashing machine and wife of Vansh yells at him as Vansh is going to lose his job and Ved is creating more and more expenses. Aditya thinks there is no one at reception. Uma comes dressed as Punjabi manager and dances as Kanak asked him to do. Uma asks what you want, food or room. Aditya says I have the purse of Diana. Uma says you stole this purse. Aditya says I am the owner of Matrveda Pharma and I am not the common person. Aditya says I want to meet Diana. Uma says no she will not meet you


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