Once again we are here with the new written update, which is all about Anupama, which is one of the most liked show ever, as we know it is the most of liked show with a high TRP if you are willing to know more about the upcoming episode of Anupama, as we know the best moment of the show is going on, so let’s move forward to know.


Anupama 23rd October 2020 Written Update

As we saw in the previous episode, Anupama faints after seeing Vanraj in Kavya’s arms. Then Devika, who is Anupama’s friend, somehow reaches there and tells everyone that Anupama has fainted and helped her. On the other side, Kavya, who faints from the fear of finding the truth to Anupama, escapes from there. While Vanraj is worried that his secret will be revealed and Kavya is also worried about what will happen now.

In the coming episodes, you will see that Vanraj will be worried about what to do. And he will be immersed in the same thinking that how will he answer Anupama’s questions now because as we all know that Anupama spent 25 years of her life in the service of the family only. And how will Anupama tolerate this deception of Vanraj?

On the other side, Samar will speak for his mother, taking his mother’s side. And would say that she devoted her entire life to her family and even now, she is facing such a bad situation. And what have you done to deceive them, why? But Vanraj has no answer to anyone’s questions and all the family remains calm and on the other side, Anupama is still unconscious, although Vanraj tries to meet Anupama,  Devika does not let him meet her.

We further see that Anupama senses and Vanraj comes to meet her, but then Anupama remembers everything and she is very angry at him but her sons try to calm her down and put her to sleep. But Devika does not remain calm and threatens Vanraj to tell him what happened to Anupama as he saw her running out of the house. With this, the episode ends. So, Stay tuned with us for the latest information related to the episode, and don’t forget to watch Anupama TV channel on StarPlus at 10 pm.


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