Star Plus Nazar 29th November 2019 Episode Written Updates:

In the Nazar latest episode, we will see that Pia will save Adi

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In the latest episode of Nazar, we will see that Ansh comes to his mother and she was making some plans. Mohna says that you came here as you are scared of me. Ansh starts doing some magic and Angad comes up. Mohna says why you are bringing Angad in this fight. Then he says that come with me if you love him. Pia starts talking to her kids and asks where are you, dad. She says that your dad is so good and he was acting weird and bad in order to protect you.

In Nazar 29th November 2019 episode written updates, Ansh will ask Mohna to come with him. Mohna comes with him and asks him to leave Angad. He takes her to the patal jheel. She says why you brought me here. Ansh tells that he is not carrying Angad and this was just an illusion so now they cannot leave from here. Mohna becomes shocked and asks why you did this. Pia, on the other hand, is trying to convince her children so that they tell her where Ansh has gone.

Ansh sacrificed himself for his family. Adi thinks he should tell his mom. Pari says that she can tell Adi and Adi will tell Pia. Pia becomes so shocked to listen that. Mohna says that Adi cannot go back as he did not have his wings now and he will live here forever. Moreover family gets to know that trikon dhatu is in hands of Mohna. They become scared. Also, they get to know that Mohna wants to kill Pari. For more updates of Nazar written episode today, stay tuned with us.


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