Star Plus Nazar 12th September 2019 Episode Updates: Piya Stops Bhasmika

Nazar 12th September 2019 episode updates

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Star Plus has a supernatural show named Nazar and is running from a decent amount of time. So the serial tend to be popular because of its magic, love, supernatural elements in the show. Bhasmika kidnaps the children. Aadi and Pari were there and Bhasmika says that their parents will not be able to save them. Bhasmika provokes Ansh and asks him to marry her. She holds the hand of Ansh but then Piya throws her hand aside. Other family members go to save children but they were stopped by his wife.

In Nazar 12th September 2019 updates we will see that family members are trying to think what will let them fight against Bhasmika. Ansh and Piya start attacking Bhasmika. Naman asks them not to experiment anything on his wife. They try different weapons on her but nothing will burn her. His dad says that Bhasmika is made of five elements and we should try panchtatva on her. It worked. they all start moving and gets to know Panchtatva will destroy her.

Piya starts stopping them but Bhasmika says she will only leave their children only if Ansh will marry her. Bhasmika says nobody could save them. Ansh says I will not marry you. Piya cries and says my children are dying. Bhasmika says only 10 seconds are left and then your children will die. Ansh asks her to stop. Ansh says fine I will marry you. Bhasmika takes him with her. Piya asks to stop and asks why you want to marry Ansh. Bhasmika says that you are jealous and scared. Bhasmika says I do not want to tell you. Ansh and Bhasmika goes. We will keep you updated with Nazar 12th Sept 2019 episode, as Nishant throws panchtatva so that Piya could use it against Bhasmika and they will get children back.


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