Neil spies Avni. Avni goes to the office of Neil and searches some papers. Neil comes there. Avni escapes. Gifts were being distributed among prisoners. Avni says I don’t want to have any gift from you. Neil says you have to take this. he says this is a special gift for you. Avni says what’s this. he says saree. She says I don’t want anything. every prisoner insists her to take the gifts. She takes it from Neil.

Avni says you asked me to take saree not to wear this. Avni says you loved me when you wanted and you sent me to jail when you wanted and I don’t want to see your face. She says you made me free from every relation and don’t dare to make me feel like anything like that again. Neil thinks I cannot tell you the reason. Avni leaves. Neil thinks that he did this to save Avni from Vidyut. Vidyut talks to some dummy and assumes her as Avni. The doctor comes and asks if he can go. He says if your work is done. The doctor says no. Vidyut becomes angry.  He says don’t worry Avni I will love you always and want to find that thing. He has become obsessed about Avni. Neil sees the photo of Avni and thinks he has lost Avni forever. Prisoners see Neil. Neil notices them and they go. Prisoners discuss that now we understand why Avni is irritated on the name of marriage. They think that Neil is so good and we have to make you two together. Neil asks what happened you want me to leave. Girls say we will help you and ask Avni to wear that saree. Girls go and try finding Avni.

Neils talks on the phone and asks about Vidyut.  He thinks he will make Vidyut tell the truth. Neil thinks that Avni will not come. DD says no she will come. Avni walks towards Neil in red saree which he gifted her. Neil becomes mesmerized on seeing her. Girls come and notice both of them. Avni says my clothes were misplaced and that’s why I had to wear this saree. Everyone praises her. Neil says I have a special announcement on this special occasion. A special song for DD. Neil sings a song and everyone dances. DD gets a call and says Santa Claus is on the gate and I am going to get him. He leaves. Santa comes in the party.


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