The episode starts with Roshni becoming angry on Rehan. Ahana asks Roshni to stay with her and have tea. Roshni talks to her rudely and denies. Ahana says please listen to me and whenever you talk rudely then Anant also gets disturbed. Anant leaves and drives the car. He thinks about all the moments he spent with Ahana. He thinks what Rehan told him that Ahana married him because she wanted to beat her mom and leave her house. Ahana talks to Tarun and asks about Anant if he is in office. Tarun says no he is not there and there is no meeting also. Ahana says he left his phone in the home. Saloni asks her not to worry. Ahana sits on a chair and thinks about Laila. Anant thinks of Gupta’s words. Laila and her friend talks and they get to know that Anant lost his one contract and Gupta will surely take benefit of that. Roshni tells that she doesn’t want to have dinner. Ahana asks about Anant. Laila comes there and asks about Anant. Ahana says he is not at home. Laila asks what happened in between Anant and Ahana.

Ahana asks Laila to have dinner. Rehan leaves the dinner table. Laila dominates Rehan and asks what he had done now. Rehan says he told truth to Anant. Laila shouts at him and says how can he do this. Rehan says Ahana played with the feelings of Anant and he has to do everything correct. Rehan criticizes Ahana and her. Ahana asks Laila why she came here. Laila says she is worried about her. Laila says if Anant did anything like this before but he is upset because of her as Rehan told him that Ahana wanted to leave her home. Ahana panics and says she wants to go to find Anant.

star plus dil smbhal ja zara ahana raichand

Laila stops her. Ahana says she should have told him everything before. Laila says no she should not do this stupidity and Ahana should focus on her married life. Laila asks Ahana not to tell this truth to Anant otherwise he would not be able to trust her from other time. laila provokes her and instigates her not to tell truth. Ahana drives the car and reaches waterside where she and Anant used to meet. Ahana asks what happened Anant and she gets no answer. Anant asks if it is the truth that she married him because of Laila.


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