The divorce of Ahana and Anant.

Laila acts lovingly to Ahana. She says I am really sorry. Anant and everyone come up. Anant asks why Laila is saying sorry and parents are always concerned about their kids. Anant says the mistake is not all yours. Laila leaves. Ahana cries. Laila says I want to tell something that everyone is thinking Ahana is so rude but believe me she is just angry. Anant says she can do anything in her anger and I know her well too. Ahana writes a letter that she loves Anant too much and misunderstandings should not come in front of their relations. She calls Anant. Anant cuts her phone. Ahana shouts on servants as they were making fun of her and Laila. Rehan comes and claps for her. He says well done and you have a habit of breaking hearts.

Ahana calls Anant. Anant thinks what Ahana said last night. He remembers his sister and moment of Rakshabandhan. She was saying Anant never becomes angry but when he become angry then it sustains for a long time. She advises him to forgive people and to lead a happy life. Ahana messages Anant to call her back. Tarun comes in his office. He gives his resignation letter. Anant says if you are giving this resignation because of contract then forget it. He says I know you trust me but I know my dad and he will harm you. Anant says don’t worry I am not scared of Him. Laila becomes angry and says who has told everything to Rehan.  Shaily tells that Gupta has given membership to a lady in free. She provokes her.

Anant goes to her sister’s home. She asks how you came here today. He says there are some problems in the office. She says there is a problem with Ahana. He says yes. He tells his dilemma and says I am angry on her and I cannot live without her also. Ahana goes to the temple and prays that she cannot let this relation break away and cries. Anant also says he loves Ahana and will keep loving her forever but now cannot live with her. If he will look into her eyes then he will see the lie and when he will touch her then he will remember everything. He says its better that we should separate.


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