Ahana sees the video and goes to Roshni. Roshni says I don’t wanna talk to you. Ahana says why you did this and I supported you but you did this. Roshni becomes angry and says I know you want Dad to go away from me. Roshni says I will tell Dad about this. Ahana says don’t do this. Roshni says you hurt Dad by your lies. Roshni goes to Anant and tells that she went dancing class instead of going to Riya’s house. Anant sees the video and shouts. He says how could you do this. Rehan says we knew that you will become angry that’s why we did not tell you. Roshni cries and says I am sorry. Anant says what you thought that I will not get to know all this. Roshni says I am sorry I am not going to do anything like this again.

star plus dil smbhal ja zara ahana raichand

Ahana says Roshni did not intend to hurt you and she is saying sorry. Anant says whose side you are taking Roshni’s or yours. He says that I was so fooled that I came in your words and you proved that I did a big mistake by trusting on you. He says I cannot forget old things but also cannot live life with you. He leaves. He goes to the office and gets a call from his sister. His sister asks him to cool down and keep his family happy. He goes back and asks everyone to come with him to have ice cream. Roshni hugs him. Ahana sees her honeymoon pics. Aarav asks Ahana to come but she feels bad and stays at home.

Saloni goes to Laila. Laila says I am worried about Ahana as she is suffering in this marriage. She calls Ahana and asks her to forgive mom. Ahana goes to the temple and says why god is doing this with Anant. She says she loves Anant and wants to live with him. She cries in the temple and asks God to give her a signal to keep it going. In the morning Ahana wakes up. She feels not well and realizes she is pregnant. She thanks God that now no one can separate them.


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