Who Is Stacey Solomon’s, Sister Samantha? Age, Instagram, Photos, and, more!: Suddenly the Loose Women panelist named Stacey Solomon revealed her another sibling. You may have earlier listened and heard about Stacey Solomon’s sibling named Jemma but you might have never seen or heard about her other sibling named Samantha. Recently, the Loose Women panelist shocked her fans and followers by revealing that she has one more sibling apart from Jemma. Before this time, Stacey Solomon never shared any detail about her older sibling named Samatha but she always posted about her sister. Now people who follow her on Insta and other social media handles have been stunned after reading about Samantha who is another sibling of Stacey Solomon. Let’s explore this story in this article and learn some imperative information about Stacey Solomon and her siblings in the following sections of this article. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Stacey Solomon's, Sister Samantha

Who Is Stacey Solomon’s, Sister Samantha?

Stacey Solomon is currently 32 years old and she is also a mother of her daughter. The Loose Women panelist often shares pictures of herself, her sister, and her daughter. Before this time Stacey Solomon had shared several times about her sister Jemma on Insta. Most recently, she shared about her sister Jemma on social media when she was jetting off on a vacation to celebrate Stacey Solomon’s hen do. But her Monday 11th July 2022’s post raised various questions and made her fans curious. Shift to the next section for more details.

Stacey Solomon’s, Sister Samantha Age

On Monday 11th July 2022 she posted a picture of herself in which she is posing with her older sister named Samantha who has never seen before with the Loose Women panelist in any social media post. This revelation came when 32 years old reality star shared an image of her lovely daughter named Rose and her older sibling Samantha’s daughter named Poppy. We have explored more about Stacey Solomon’s sister Samantha in the next section. Kindly scroll down the page for more details.

In the latest post of Stacey Solomon, two adorable cousins are sitting in a garden and both are dressing in the same attire. The mother of Rose, Stacey Solomon captioned the image, “my oldest sibling bought a dress for her lovely daughter too while we were away and they came here today, how cute are they.” Stacey Solomon also tagged her older sister Samantha who accompanied Stacey Solomon on her hen do. As per the source, Stacey Solomon’s oldest sister Samantha works as a fitness trainer in the UK.


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